Being a nerd in Malaysia vs The USA

Growing up in Malaysia, my friends and schoolmates has been very understanding towards introvert people, I realise this may be due to Malaysia as one of the Asia countries. In Asia, people does not shunt introverts, or quiet people, they view quiet people as smarter, knowing when to talk and when not to talk. They elect introverts or quiet people with a hint of shyness to top positions. I am a shy kid, I rarely talks, but I am academically sound. Whole school knows that I am top in the school in academics, eventhough I am weak in sports, teachers elect me to top position in school clubs and societies. I am the treasurer of the prefect board, president of Chinese Society, secretary of PBSM (Red Crescent society) and a prefect.

However, things is different for introverts in the USA. I heard that in USA, you are worried by parents if you are the quiet ones, and if you are not outspoken, you may not get the top positions.

Comparing the two views, I favor the Asia countries view, that is more inclusive of the thoughtful one, the quiet one instead of shunning them. I am grateful for the environment that favour the quiet one, I felt accepted by my friends and family, I also like the excitement of getting top posts.

One thought on “Being a nerd in Malaysia vs The USA”

  1. Hi Shaun Ling, great to have read this post! I don’t live on Malaysia or USA but surely understand what you mean! It’s not wrong to be outspoken, I think the “thoughtful” ones sometimes can overcome their fear to be mistaken and this could be interesting! This is where our true power reside. We know our strengths, we should use them to push our limits!

    Take care for now!

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