Monthly Prayer Meeting

Today, we had a travelsmarter project meeting. Alvin lead the meeting and he laid out the timeline for the project. According to the timeline, I will start work on travelsmarter next week. Emily will do the design and she will pass it to me and I will program.

I scanned every adobe licence on every computer and compiled the files to Jason. I also helped Emily to migrate her computer.

At lunch, Von, Alvin, Jason, and I ate at Mamak. We chatted and Jason told us about his trip to Disneyland Hong Kong, Von said she will have a radio interview this coming Saturday. I tried to help emily setup her Outlook but to no avail.

After work, I went to the gym. After gym, I went to the church prayer meeting. The prayer meeting is boring as usual, but I played my phone while listening to the speaker, and prayed for a while.

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