Why you should unfriend some of your facebook friends

In this post, I am going to talk about the reasons why you should unfriend some of your facebook friends.

First reason, it minimizes the amount of lost views. Let’s say you have 700 friends, and you wanted to cut the number of friends down to 500. 200 friends are unfriended and whether or not they see your post is not important because they may not like your post or comment on it. So facebook will choose let’s say 20 people to give your post to view. If we were to give 20/700 compared to 20/500, the latter seems better because the views are given to more important people.

Second, the pareto principle. The pareto principle states that 20% of cause contributes to 80% of results. So, 20% of your friends are contributing to 80% of your likes or comments. Also, 20% of your friends is contributing to your 80% of unhappiness, so get rid of the 20% of your friends that contribute to your unhappiness.

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