Village Board Game

Today at 8.30a.m., I went with my aunt and brother to MegaCMC. It’s been a long time I have been to MegaCMC, my own church. I went up to second floor of the church and seated at the side. It starts with singing, then we read the scriptures. Then, it’s the sermon. Pastor Ho gave … Continue reading Village Board Game

Big Bad Wolf box sale

Today, at 8a.m., I went to see Dr. Vincent at Brain Mind Specialist Clinic. I waited for my turn then the pharmacist called me to enter. I told Dr. Vincent that I do not want to pursue Pharmacy and instead I want to work as a web programmer while studying part time degree at Utar. … Continue reading Big Bad Wolf box sale

Bought Xiaomi mi4i

Today, I woke up late because I exercised yesterday, I am too tired. Uncle Hew cannot fetched me as I was late, so my dad fetched me to work. At work, I talked to yvonne on real life. Then, I changed banner, made a dummy WordPress page on our server, I made the car go … Continue reading Bought Xiaomi mi4i

Met with gym buddy

Today, as usual I had my breakfast, then went up to office. Today at work, I help edit the kana form into a format that is required. I can’t start on travelsmarter website yet, so I made a dummy WordPress website and made a static car on scoll. I hosted the dummy website at our … Continue reading Met with gym buddy

First day at Gym

Today, as usual, Uncle Hew fetched me to Jaya One, I had breakfast and went up to office. Today, I got an email, the server access to the travel smarter ftp. I had finished reading Four Hour work week and is now reading Quiet by Susan Cain, a book about introvert in this extroverted world. … Continue reading First day at Gym

First time joining Gym

Today, I had color run organized by Great Eastern together with Heart Institute Malaysia. I changed into the sport shirt that Color Run gave me as one of the package, it is blue in color, I also pinned my bib to my chest. At 6.30am, my dad fetched me to Dataran Merdeka. There are already … Continue reading First time joining Gym

Why you should unfriend some of your facebook friends

In this post, I am going to talk about the reasons why you should unfriend some of your facebook friends. First reason, it minimizes the amount of lost views. Let’s say you have 700 friends, and you wanted to cut the number of friends down to 500. 200 friends are unfriended and whether or not … Continue reading Why you should unfriend some of your facebook friends

First time lunch with Wen Hao in 6 years

Today, at 11am, my dad brought me to One Utama to buy t shirts and shoes, I need T shirt for work and my shoe is already broken. I get some money from the ATM, around RM300. I went into Marks & Spencer, there are no T shirt there, so I went up a floor … Continue reading First time lunch with Wen Hao in 6 years

Catching up with friends

Today I ate breakfast before going to office. The english breakfast is nice, with scrambled egg, sausage, butter on bread, red bean, and ham. I am the first to come to the office. I on my fan and aircond, nice air blowing on my back. I on my desktop and watched youtube, Time Ferriss’s Q … Continue reading Catching up with friends

Board Games at Hobby N Coffee

Today, around 3pm, my mum fetched me to Hobby N Coffee at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. The cafe is above Peekaboo (orange) building. I went up and I saw people in desks already playing board games. The shop owner greeted me and I sat with 3 other people on a table. They were playing a … Continue reading Board Games at Hobby N Coffee