Psychiatrist visit, yumcha with Wymond, Donate blood

Today is my appointment with Dr. Vincent, I went to Brain Mind Specialist clinic at around 9am. There were a lot of people and we waited. There are 2 people waiting in front of me, but it took like 30 minutes, Dr. Vincent does spend some quality time with each patient. Now, is my turn. I went in. He greeted me, and we talked about my choice to pursue Pharmacy. He said Pharmacy is a traditional field like engineer, doctor, lawyer, while IT is a hot field recently, both fields can make good money. Then, he say I have to be myself, and it’s OK to make mistakes. He says I have delusions, I sometimes have beliefs that are not correct, I need to know what is real and what is not real, cannot take what I think is what people think as real. Then, he say my expression is a bit limited, he advised me to watch movie, to see what expression is more normal, he recommends the movie “Everybody Loves Raymond”. My next appointment is in 2 months time.

After that, my dad and I ate at Old Town Kopitiam. Then, we rushed to UCSI to give the psychiatrist letter to the Pharmacy dean.

Later, I met Wymond at In House Giza Mall. We chatted about why he wants to do sales instead of marketing, he says he likes to meet people, but sales job needs to take rejection a lot. He also comments that I look very different now, a bit fat, need to go gym.

After the Yum Cha session with Wymond, I asked my dad if he wants to donate blood, there is a blood donation event at Giza Mall. He said yes and went in. I cannot donate blood because I am currently taking medicine for my social anxiety. My dad donated blood, after that, from Facebook, I knew that my dad scared to donate blood.

At night, we ate at a modern kopitiam style restaurant near our house called Kuala Mama.

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