Change of plan (Life goals)

I did nothing for the whole day except googling and listening to songs. At night, I finally told my parents that I want to wait another year and apply IPTA again. In the meantime, I will work as game programmer at MarketJS. I whatsapp the CEO and we agree to meet on Tuesday. I will also try to quit UNITEN as soon as possible.

Below are the reasons I gave to convince my parents for me to quit UNITEN:

2 years late (Graduate age 27)
good for research, top 1 or 2 in country
ai specialization
150+ ranking
740*8+1000*12*4 = 54k + 8k
9210 + 1000*12*3.5 = 51k + 8k
um needs interview
more 3.xx

2 years faster (Graduate age 25)
good if work after graduate
non-ai specialization
no ranking
47k + 1000*12*3 = 83k
more 2.xx

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