Seeing Psychiatrist

Today, I didn’t go to uni, instead I go to see psychiatrist at KL. The psychiatrist is recommended by Ms. Ho. The doctor is Dr. Vincent Wong. There are few people there, one grandma with her grandson, parents and their son, two lady, and me with my parents.

I’m the last one. I went in and I recognized Dr. Vincent’s face. I told him about my many attempts to continue my studies, stayed at home for 2 years, and other stuff. He thinks I have severe social anxiety as quitting studies is not voluntary and social anxiety made me quit. He advised me to take some drug and treatment. So, I will follow up with him after a week. He says I have some negative thoughts, and my problem is due to personality and social anxiety. He typed on the computer while I tell him about my story. He says it can be treated and he had treated many patients.

I left with three packets of medicine (xanax tab 0.5mg, tolanz 5mg olanzapine, cymbalta cap 60mg) and the whole consultation + drug costs me RM 200+! and also he gave me one week MC (initially one day, but after I told him I am very difficult at uni, he gave me one week).

He also say I have illness now and cannot make good decision, I need to stay at university, and he gave me one week MC.

Lesson learnt: cooperate with your psychiatrist, prepare your thoughts before hand, if not, email him afterwards. You have illness now, listen to the psychiatrist’s advice.

He also recommends

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