Day 2 at Oriq

Today, I had to rely on myself to reach my office, although the distance is only 5km. I decided to use myteksi to go to work. I tried and it finally worked after few tries. The taxi took me to my work place, and it charged me RM 14 for 5km ride, which is very very expensive, I think this is due to the traffic jam. At work, I learned how to make forms using visual basic, then link to the database at mssql. Next, me and coworkers ate lunch together, they suggests me to take bus, which is a lot more cheap. I went home at 6pm.

After researching, I decided to take bus or drive myself to work. Before I get my rapidpass, I need to take taxi, one last time, before tomorrow, my dad buys the rapidpass. When I get my own car, I will try to drive myself to work instead.

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