National Infocomm Scholarship Questions

Personal Aspirations – Share with us some goals you have set for yourself and how you plan to achieve them. (Not more than 200 words)
The first goal I set for myself is to get a degree in computer science in 4 years time, either from top university in Malaysia or Singapore. I had applied for both universities and am confident in getting the offer, however there is financial constraint in funding my education in Singapore as the fees are out of my budget. Next, in university, I plan to do side project or start a business. I had already programmed some games as posted on my github account. As a way to showcase my portfolio, I created a personal website at Also, I plan to be an expert in the field in computer science. I have taken a lot of free online courses from top universities like MIT, Stanford and Harvard.

Career Aspirations – Share with us the type of organisation and the type of work/field of work which you would be interested in and why. (Not more than 200 words)
I would be interested in company that treats its employee well, i.e., give them appropriate salary and job security. Naturally, people would think of Google and Microsoft when speaking about IT related companies. Google treats its employee well by giving them a lot of flexibility and free services. However, I dislike the employee-evaluation system of Microsoft, I think it is counter productive to be judged every moment by your co-workers and risk getting fired if working alongside a top notch co-worker. I would like to work in the field of bioinformatics or artificial intelligence. I am interested in science and I think bioinformatics can help in organizing data produced by experiments. Artificial intelligence remains a difficult goal to achieve, and now is the best time to explore it.

Career Aspirations – How do you aspire to develop your career and what do you see yourself achieving in your career? (Not more than 200 words)
During the start of my career, I would try to learn as much as possible about the latest technologies and trends in the industry. If possible, I will meet amazing people in the industry that can mentor me. Next, I would like to work alongside other professionals that are equally enthusiastic about improving the company and the world, making new technologies and profit to the company and also the community. Then, if given the chance to travel around the world, I can learn about their technologies and incorporate them into our own.

Career Aspirations – What do you want to see improved in the infocomm landscape? (Not more than 200 words)
I think the infocomm landscape is very detail and well planned, especially the incorporation of technology in various fields like healthcare, finance, and education, I wish the Malaysian government would have such services. However, as an area that I am interested in, infocomm does not involve itself in bioinformatics. Bioinformatics is the key in the mapping of the human genome. These genome information can be used to discover new diseases and new treatment.

Life Aspirations – Share with us some events in your life where you had to make an important decision and how you arrived at that decision and why? (not more than 500 words)

I am good with computers but I have not delved deeper into the workings of the computer such as coding, programming, and hardware. The first time I have done some simple coding is when I am setting up a game server for my friends to play. The game server requires some coding skills to set up; I can understand some simple codes but not anything deeper. The motivation at that time was to have fun and the excitement of doing something for my friends keep me motivated. I stopped the activity because it requires too much of my computer’s power and I am not willing to cross the boundary by buying computer servers. Besides that, I frequently fix friend’s computer through remote access. Fixing problems give simple pleasure, but I never knew I could make a living out of this.

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