My University of Edinburgh UCAS Computer Science Personal Statement

Computer science came to my attention when I am researching courses to choose for my tertiary education. Computer science is a relatively young field compared to other sciences; however its importance is felt as we advance into a knowledge economy. In my opinion, computer science will be highly useful in the future in developing the STEM fields. Its application in many fields is what captivates me, biology, commerce, IT, security, healthcare, all need computer science to work.

During my SPM (equivalent to O-level) and STPM (equivalent to A-level), I have excelled in mathematics. I have obtained full marks numerous times in my examinations. I attribute this to my learning of abacus when I was young. Abacus trained me to do simple arithmetic calculation such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in my mind. I had also won trophies and prizes for abacus competition.

I have no prior experience with programming, but recently I am learning C programming language on my own by reading The C Programming Language by Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan. Besides that, I utilize online resources such as to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. I also picked up Java and designed a simple calculator. During my learning, I am introduced to, a website for programmers to share and contribute codes. My Github account can be accessed at I find coding fun and fortunate that this could be a field that can also generate money, it is best of both worlds.

I am good with computers but I have not delved deeper into the workings of the computer such as coding, programming, and hardware. The first time I have done some simple coding is when I am setting up a game server for my friends to play. The game server requires some coding skills to set up; I can understand some simple codes but not anything deeper. The motivation at that time was to have fun and the excitement of doing something for my friends keep me motivated. I stopped the activity because it requires too much of my computer’s power and I am not willing to cross the boundary by buying computer servers. Besides that, I frequently fix friend’s computer through remote access. Fixing problems give simple pleasure, but I never knew I could make a living out of this.

Fields of computer science that interest me are bioinformatics and artificial intelligence. My interest in artificial intelligence is sparked by reading Physics of the Impossible by Michio Kaku. In the book, he described the most advance robots we have today as having the brain capacity of a cockroach, a retarded, lobotomized cockroach. It is obvious that there are still many untapped potential in this field. Bioinformatics is a good example where computer science can aid in scientific discoveries. Large chunks of biological data are left to be processed. I would like to work alongside a scientists and see this field grow.

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