Purpose of Life

In the clear Sunday morning, people are gathering at the mini chapel located besides PJ caring home. PJ caring home is a small compound catering for old folks. In the mini chapel, songs are sang by choir followed by sermon by the pastor. It was a sermon about the promise of life after death. Old folks listen intently, some are not interested. As the sermon finished, the old folks are lead by the volunteers to dining hall to have refreshments.

Volunteers are selected based on their passion to join this mission, and are selected across different age group, ranging from 18 years old to 50 years old. A woman in her 40s lead an old man to the dining room, asking him what he would like to eat. By using his shaking hands he point towards the snacks area, he is fond of snacks. The volunteer went and took some snacks and serve the old man. A boy in his 20s were seen sweeping outside the dining hall, he volunteered to sweep as he is not good at talking to old people but intend to join the service. His girlfriend, a doctor, served as freelance doctor help treating the sick, she came once every week. She is a patience and humble person, with smile always on her face. She was raised in a christian family, and since young, has a calling for helping old people. This is enhanced by the fact that her grandfather recently passed away. At a corner, the chairman is chatting with an old lady, he has the warm smile and firm figure, which is a trust able and understanding man. The chairman, having founded the old folk’s home since 10 years ago, is actively serving. He was the headmaster of a local secondary school, vow to spend his time in an old folks home, as his sons and daughters are busy business people. Setting up this home does keep him occupied.

After the refreshment session, old folks are lead to their room to have rest. Volunteers are gathered to have a small meeting. The chairman voice in a down tone. Chairman: “Mrs. Tan is in critical situation in the hospital and she may have not much time left.”. The volunteers are unhappy about the news as Mrs. Tan is among the first batch of old folks sent here, she is the last one among them. The chairman invite the volunteers to pray for the Mrs. Tan. Tears were shed and sobbing are heard. Life is so temporary in this earth, that people are fighting to fulfill their dreams, but couldn’t find the purpose of life.

Doctor is walking down the aisle to her clinic in the old folk’s home, she smelt something funny, the smell of burned. There is a fire. She quickly follow where the trail of smoke originated, and found a huge fire in the kitchen. One of the old folk is playing with the gas again. And this time, the gas is left open and fire is ignited. She quickly inform the volunteers. Volunteers carried in the fire extinguisher. The fire is too strong to be extinguished. In this emergency, fireman is called. They arrived roughly 10 minutes after calling, and help evacuate the old folks. The building is half damaged, with kitchen, clinic, rooms, destroyed. The old folks have to slept in the church for the mean time. It was a tragedy as a fund has to be collected again. The old folk is scolded for playing, and the scolding is ignored. Source of income has been strained and the society has been cold in donating funds. This creates headache to the chairman.

During the evening, the chairman is walking down the burned aisle. A man in his 20s approached him. Chairman greets him with his warm smile. With a check in his hand, he passed it to the chairman. It was a check of RM100,000. After stating the purpose of the check, chairman was grateful for it is for the restoration of the old folk’s home. Chairman: “Thank you professor, you really help a lot.”. The man replied:”It is my pleasure.”. The man walked away with a broom in his hand. The chairman glanced back at this man. He has a flashback, about few years ago. When this man has become hopeless with the world and the hypocrisy of christian. He decided to commit suicide. But the chairman was there, convinced him to live his life, finding his purpose of life, finding God. With a smile on his face, the chairman knew what God had done to this man. He found a girlfriend, a doctor, recently, and in a good relationship, in fact the doctor is the chairman’s daughter.

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