What have I been doing the last year?


Dec – End of STPM examination.

Jan – Worked at Puay Chai 2 for one week, stopped due to arrival of part-time teachers.

March – STPM result released, obtained 3.75.
April – July – Worked at Enopi @ One Utama.
July – Dec – Studied Bachelor (hons) of Pharmacy at UCSI, quit due to disinterest in course (personality).
Future events:
Feb – July – Find part-time job or volunteer work.
July – UPU and USM result announced.
Sept – Enter local university. (if accepted into UPU/USM)
Aug/ Sept – Enter Taylor’s engineering/ UNISEL engineering/ Taylors medicine. (if not accepted into UPU/USM)
The events highlighted in red shows the gap between the announcement of STPM result and admission into local university, there’s a gap of 18 months. Now, I’m finding ways to spend this time, I have 6 months left.

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