Dilemma again: Doctor vs Engineer

It has been 1 month since I left UCSI to pursue IPTA. Now, I have a new dilemma, doctor or engineer. These two are completely different field despite both being professional science course. If I were to take MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery), I would choose either UTAR or Taylors as I have discounts in both institutions, if I pass the medical entrance interview. UTAR discount is provided by big aunt’s friend being the Director of UTAR, so I may get a discount. Taylors is provided by my relatives and my father is a worker at taylor’s school division – Garden International School, hence I may get 80% discount, and strive to get 100% discount. For engineering, I will opt for IPTA (Local government institutions) at USM, UTeM or UniMAP. USM is material engineering and UTeM is electrical engineering. But the chances of getting into IPTA may be slim as I am ex-STPM leaver and the priority is given to current year STPM and matriculation students.

Now, the issue at hand is which profession am I interested in? Being a doctor requires passion and interest, I doubt I have that. Moreover, the issue of oversupply of doctor is becoming a reality, jobless doctor may happen in the future. It is predicted that 2015 there will be an oversupply of doctor, I am graduating in 2018. Refer to pagalavan blog. This doctor highlights the problems facing the healthcare system in Malaysia. Refer also to recom forum, medicine section. The route of being a doctor is as follows, 5 years of medical school, 2 years of housemanship, 2 years of compulsory government service (later become Medical Officer). To specialise, doctors have to do masters. By the way, I heard the MBBS offered in Malaysian institution, be it government or private, is not recognize in other counties, except UM and UKM which are recognize in Singapore. To be a lecturer in Malaysia, you also need at least a Master. 20 years ago, there are only 3 medical schools producing 400 graduates per year, in 2009, there are 4000 graduates per year, in 2015, 31 med schools will produce 8000 graduates per year. This is caused by the blooming of private university medical courses. In 2010, we have 30k doctors serving, in 2015, it is predicted to double, in just five years. Take an example, Britain has 61 million people with 26 med school, Malaysia has 26 million people with 31 med school. Various ways to combat this has been listed in pagalavan’s blog, he is also worried about this trend.

Being an engineer is a safety net, as the demand is reasonable, everywhere needs engineer, unlike doctor that only can practice in hospitals and clinics. I am good at math, but bad at memorizing, so this profession might suit me. USM is a reputable university, ranking almost the same as UTM, which is the best engineering school in Malaysia. However, I have little knowledge about material engineering. The main foundation in engineering are civil, electrical and electronics, and mechanical, it is advised to stick to these three courses as it gives you a wider career choices after you graduate. UTeM is not a reputable university, however it is a technical university, and the course offered is electrical engineering, which is a good course.

MBBS intake for UTAR is May, I dont think I’m going for this. MBBS intake for Taylors is August, I may consider this, provided I pass the interview. IPTA result will be out by July.

MBBS Taylors: 300k —> after discount 80%, 60k.
IPTA: ~20k (including living cost)

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