Changing from Pharmacy to IPTA

Mainly due to financial burden, I have decided to stop my Pharmacy course and pursue engineering course in IPTA. I have discussed with my parents, they let me choose, I chose IPTA, it is good that your parents support whatever you like to do. But I do not want to have financial burden when I study, it’s not my personality.

 Below are my reasons:

  1. Cheap. ~Rm20k.
  2. No need PTPTN, 1MDB RM30k can cover.
  3. Live in hostel.
  4. Near lecture hall.
  5. Focus on skills and knowledge, less on communications skills.
  6. But, less secured job.
  1. Expensive. Rm130k.
  2. Need PTPTN Rm80k, 1MDB Rm64k.
  3. Can stay at home.
  4. Far from uni.
  5. Need communication skills.
  6. More secured job.
Now, I have to withdraw from UCSI, and cancle my PTPTN. Moreover, I have to ask to convert my 1MDB grant from pharmacy to IPTA next year.
Then I have to buy BSN code, apply UPU online, and wait for my results. I have to apply to USM too.
If I really cannot get IPTA, I have to go to private university like UTAR, which offers Rm50k engineering degree.

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